Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Hello people I'm back, and ravaging the streets of Baltimore!
It has been almost a year since I last posted, and a LOT of things have changed. I will try to make this interesting.

Firstly, these are the things that have been happening lately. The typist has been geeking out on Doctor who  and Star Trek (the old ones).Most of that time I try to get him to feed me and pet me and DO SOMETHING WITH ME. He just sits there and says, "I'll be fine, just not right now". That was a few days ago, And he did the things I wanted him to do. lately though, he hasn't gone out early to do stuff. The man just stays at home, some times he goes out for a few hours or minutes in the afternoon. No early morning stuff.

Back in January the man got a big new computer, I mean big! Like, desktop size. It glows and everything! The big wonderful thing is that it gets warm when something pretty is on the screen!!!!!!! He even got a key board and mouse that are very good, to do my bidding on!

Anyway, onto Some more stuff about me.

Some days I get board and I start chasing my tail like a lunatic like a dog, but on really high or narrow surfaces. Does that make me crazy? The humans sure think it does. I do it so visciously that the people think I'm going to hurt my self! Sure, I've bitten myself a few times but it didn't hurt that much. What do you think, About my habit? People, they gotta be so funny.

I'll see you next time, and here's a meme.

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