Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I am the cute.

I think I'm cute, so do my humans I am the cute god of the household, yes I am.

Claw in :deli cat, cat food

Hi I got's a new kind of cat food!!! it's deli cat.... I've looked at it and it looks weird , i'll test it later. I just get new kinds of cat food like...every time it's like moving every time you run out of dry-cat-food.
p.s. um... er... i forgot what i was going to type...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kitty Kat

Hi, waizaki (what's up)? I'm quite happy right now. Whom ever enters my line of sight shall give me food when I want it. Psycho kitty has a blog. You might not heard of that blog, I'll give you on a real computer...
Best regards,


Now I will give you the link: 

Monday, April 23, 2012

kitty kat: freak out!!!!

never run around the house at full tilt yelling: I'm hungry!!!! because Sapphy might get a little ticked off and try to kill you and get you to explode of fright. so my human comes in and tells us to stop, so I take my moment run and she runs after me and again,and tries to kill me. so my human is screaming stop that and Sapphy finally backs off. 

Litter box photo of the day:
get your human to buy you one of these.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

kitty kat in...

wow, i have a lot of blogs now, three on wordpress, five on blogger, one on cheezburger, dang thats a lot. have you herd of cheezburger? Are you thinking i spelled "cheezburg" wrong? it haS things like i can has a cheez burger, whatever.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

kitty kat

If any one still looks at my blog, hello.  I got a whole can of wet cat food today, i haven't gotten wet cat food in like, forever!
this is just crazy
don't let your human get you this

now for the Litter box photo of the day:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

kitty kat and steak

Hi, all. That is the very old saying of blog's thru the ages. As you know the photo of the day was a litter box, the photo of the day will now be "The litter box photo of the day".

Gen.Claw reporting for duty! My human says steak is too much to pay because:

  1.  they have to kill cows   : (
  2. they have to, um.... never mind 

litter box photo of the day:

the littertron 3000

katty kit (kitty kat)((cat))

My human woke up, and said "there's a fish in the litter box", and then said "hello Claw", like nothing happened.
this is HTML code.
  I have lots of skills like, html, *and a good con kitten.But still i know HTML font and stuff.

cat poem: I don't like hugs and I don't do kissing, I do bite some and I'm good at hissing. 

*I used html for the boldness.

Monday, April 2, 2012

kitty kat (cat)

o.k o.k, I'm not pregnant.

 This is funny, but it needs kyooter (cuter) voices.

So I'm no pregno (pregnant). I guess that is good.  But lets get to the funny stuff, even though there Is one thing that is somewhat funny.

  1. I have no funny things to say.
  2. its so sad that i have no funny things to type
okay #2 did not count so thats not going to be funny

Steps to get food
not count so thats not going to be funny.

  1. Be *kyoot (cute or quoot) 
  2. if that does not work try purring 
  3. have food 
*we hope your'e kyoot (cute)

picture of the day:

wow, look at this baby!!!

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