Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm back, again... YAY!!

Ahoy there my good sir. You have probably noticed that i have not been posting as much as i would like. The reason being my internet is a piece of crap... : |.  But anyways you're here to read  some poorly crafted writing.

In the last few months the man has indeed taken that what my family wants are boxes of cat treats, like, big boxes. bigger then Costco size boxes.What is in these boxes are cat treat bags, but not any cat treat bags, the big 180g mega bags, keep in mind that one of these boxes contains not 1, not 2, not 3, but 10, Count em' ten bags of treats. It also comes with a rather cozy box to play in as well. I assume that all of these treats are for good deeds that we have done. Such as... Uhhh.... Stuff I guess.

Another thing has happened in my domain. The man thinks he can keep me out of his room with a primitive door. Ha, silly human. I just slip inside unnoticed when he visits the bath room. Lol can't stop me now puny human.

As you may have noticed, I am using the mans account to post this because the other account doesn't really work as well as it should have, sooooo he let me write this on his account.

As of me writing this post, the man has been staying home more then usual and sounding sick and stuff. He kept his door shut most of the time and sat in one place for a week or so. Thankfully, as of late, he has been sounding better and leaving his door open, but it is still very hot and humid for some reason.

Some extremely exciting new is that the people have brought another cat to do my bidding. Apparently his name is Kerbal. Now, this Kerbal cat is very rowdy and rude. He is an orange kitty, most likely unnatural and alien-ish. I have never see an orange cat before so this is a quite exciting, though seemingly dangerous event.
I eventually got to know Kerbal better as the days went on, to later win a special place in my heart known simply now as Friends.

My day today has been quite good, at night, the man opens his door and gives treats to all the kitties in the house.

Also in other new the man has a message to the kind people of the internet, switching to you Man.

Message: Go subscribe to this youtube channel and support the kittys.

There ya go, Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Hello people I'm back, and ravaging the streets of Baltimore!
It has been almost a year since I last posted, and a LOT of things have changed. I will try to make this interesting.

Firstly, these are the things that have been happening lately. The typist has been geeking out on Doctor who  and Star Trek (the old ones).Most of that time I try to get him to feed me and pet me and DO SOMETHING WITH ME. He just sits there and says, "I'll be fine, just not right now". That was a few days ago, And he did the things I wanted him to do. lately though, he hasn't gone out early to do stuff. The man just stays at home, some times he goes out for a few hours or minutes in the afternoon. No early morning stuff.

Back in January the man got a big new computer, I mean big! Like, desktop size. It glows and everything! The big wonderful thing is that it gets warm when something pretty is on the screen!!!!!!! He even got a key board and mouse that are very good, to do my bidding on!

Anyway, onto Some more stuff about me.

Some days I get board and I start chasing my tail like a lunatic like a dog, but on really high or narrow surfaces. Does that make me crazy? The humans sure think it does. I do it so visciously that the people think I'm going to hurt my self! Sure, I've bitten myself a few times but it didn't hurt that much. What do you think, About my habit? People, they gotta be so funny.

I'll see you next time, and here's a meme.

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