Thursday, March 22, 2012

kitty kat: smooth edition, oh yeah darlin'

I think I'm pregnant I went out last night to look for a mate, but i don't know why? So that's why I think I'm pregnant. Well I'm in heat now, the man and woman are like freaking out!!!  Its what cats do, i mean like cats reproduce and all that jazz. Just call me jazz kitty, oh Yeah I'm smooth, yes i am, super smooth <>= <- smooth stuff, don't ask.

Monday, March 19, 2012

kitty kat!

I got a blog on, but I don't really like it as much as I mean, wordpress is okay and all, but it's hard to navigate. Socker came up again and the man went with a ball, I don't now about it,still! gosh i really don't now about this.I have a feeling that this socker thing will come up next week.
oh! look at my blog on word press today. here is the link,
my blog on

Sunday, March 18, 2012

kitty kat

if you noticed the fish just try to read this post okay now that your on this post and... the voting thing you can do that later hope you can come back from work soon so you can read this tomatoes tomorrow quickly nice and fast

kitty kat

i do i really do!!
I wanted to go to NY, but it smells bad. Again, if you know mark Zuckerberg tell him about this blog.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

mark zuck
this is mark zucks facebooks page!!

kitty kat. yo Mark Zuckerburg

I saw Mark Zuckerbergs "facebook'' page!!! oh hey zuck,  look at my blog. If  you know zuckerburg, just tell him to look at!

kitty kat

okay cattown is in NY

kitty kat

i sometimes blog at night i sometimes blog NOW. so i might be a little mean right now. so don't get to close okay, now that that's good i'm happy.i'm going to TN today so i'll blog there IF i get there i hate going to places it's so so boring.i like Catteville, i guess i'm going to Cattown next ... how 'bout clawtown or claweville or something. so today's the big day to go back to the US i have a little cat thing toy, i like it a lot. a go to list
  1. Go to France.
  2. Go to the US.
  3. go to TN in the US.
  4. go back to to MD

Friday, March 16, 2012

kitty kat

i'm in catteville, France! just think.. a place devoted to you... yeah yeah i know that it in'st clawville or something ,but just think... i got stuck in a tree last night!, i wasn't happy about that at all , but then the woman called me right then the it sounded like silk to my ears.oh...oh god!!! i'm not doing that again.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

update from the man:

i love claw as much as you do i looooovvvveee claw so much but she hates when we post on her blog but we need to post on her page so she can't do something she wants to has to do with mind control..


oh my god there are so many cats that look just like melook at them!!!

kitty kat!

i had to wait like forever for my food! 

for your stinky goodness needs go to 

UpDate from the man:

this is not claw
that was not a pic of claw on Google yeah it looks like her but it's not.

kitty kat!

this looks like me!
when I saw this i was like OMG how did i get on Google???!!! how?

kitty kat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got promoted to gen.claw not pvt.claw anamore !!!!!

kitty kat

feed this cat for me please.
I noticed that my human posted on my page!!!!!!!! how did he get in through the protected Firefox wall and stuff. my human is so happy about me today!!!

this is not kitty kat

this is just wrong!!!
this is not kitty kat you could call it kitty kit or something. well you can guess it is by claw, but it's not

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

kitty kat

i nearly got 1\2 a can of cat food! like a wax tax i say! i'm not mean,really i'm not. if you think i'm mean try my little fist oops sorry........

Big cats they think i'm one! silly humans

this is a big cat!!!
 look at it, looks mean right? like really mean too

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

kitty kat

one of my buddys went hunting today
 that  was kinda odd, but nice gun anyway.
i got 40 views!!!! super cool yessss  i love this! (>:

kitty kat

i know what he's doing now! something about a ball and socks! he said socker ball or something stupid like that ha ha ha ha ha ha! snort snort... dang it i hate that blogger thinks that kat is not a real word ... ok it's not a real word cat, kat same thing.  mom says i'm a big girl now so i... oh! i forgot to introduce myself my name is claw! or pvt.claw!i'm big let me tell you who mom is mommy and mommy is Egypt the great! 

cute kitty

i did't do anything!(for cats:mew meow mew)

Monday, March 12, 2012

kitty kat

meow! meow! hello i'm a cat here! not a human and don't baby talk me okay! feed me cat food and i'm a cat okay, got that? good. the man left to go do some thing i don't know about it...


sorry about that i did not post my pics of the chicks:( i'll try to post them  later! sadly one of them did not live. i'm not happy about that, but 2 live to this day! i can post some pics of chickens

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kitty kat!

humans get so funny when they do something like finish a game,but my human feeds me so i don't care.Too much! but when the woman gets up from the bed and feeds me and then the man gets up and almost feeds me, but has to ask the woman first and she feeds me, but then he sometime feeds me but not really

kitty kat!

am a funny funny kitty kat! okay so the woman gets up and feeds me and i get on laptop and i blog about it.
"even the smallest feline is a masterpiece"

Saturday, March 10, 2012

kitty kat

i want food now! but i want food now! now! now!!!!!  i'm mad! so the woman gets up and feeds me but i want to talk now so i do so and she says whats wrong and i say nothings wrong and just gets on the laptop and blogs.
i'm going to be a cat now, okay? okay.
Mr.goto today called me a name
to all the good kithes out there;)

cat blogs

Have you noticed there are not very kitty's blogging today. this is where you can buy your kitty's lots of good stuff.


we got this cute kitten from this woman (no names) shes super cute i love her so
i'm back! from the great outdoors to the great cat blog

Friday, March 9, 2012

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